Empowering Unemployed Indonesian Women & Securing Employment 

Salonkita empowers unemployed Indonesian women by providing comprehensive beauty training, connecting them with employers and customers to generate a decent income. The founder's experience in empowering women revealed that beauty training aligned with market demand and women's interests. Initially offering 40 beauty classes through a physical school, Zoe Beauty School. It helped hundreds annually. Transitioning to an edtech platform, it now aims to impact thousands or even millions of women.

In Indonesia, where 140 million women, 50% of the female population are unemployed, Salonkita plays a transformative role. 

Many women have limited education and financial resources, but Salonkita addresses these challenges by offering flexible online classes, affordable tuition, and scholarships for economically disadvantaged women.

Indonesia is home to 150,000 beauty salons that struggle to find qualified employees. Becoming a beauty professional is also the express lane for generating a decent income. With just one month of intensive training, a woman can master at least one beauty skill or treatment, such as nail art, which enables her to start earning. Salonkita connects graduates with these salons, as well as with other potential employers or customers, creating opportunities for employment or entrepreneurship. This platform bridges the gap between education and the workforce, leading to meaningful career opportunities for women with limited education and resources.

Our research indicated that women show more interest in beauty rather than other skills, which is why Salonkita chose beauty as the way to empower unemployed women.

Salonkita stands for women by offering accessible beauty education, equipping them with the skills, confidence, and resources to succeed in the beauty industry and achieve their dreams.

Life at Salonkita

We are committed to creating a healthy and supportive workplace for our staff and interns. Our team members thrive in a culture that values their contributions, encourages professional development, and promotes a balanced lifestyle, ensuring that everyone can achieve their full potential

The Best by The Best

We actively participate in international events, including pitching competitions, and we are proud to have recently been recognized for having the best idea by University College London.

Empower Unemployed Women

We are dedicated to empowering unemployed women by providing opportunities and resources that enable them to develop their skills, gain meaningful employment, and achieve financial independence. Through our initiatives, we strive to create a supportive community where every woman has the chance to thrive and succeed.