Social Impact

At SalonKita, we are committed to driving social change through our dedication to gender equity, reduced inequality, decent work and economic growth, no poverty, and quality education. Our mission is to create a transformative impact in the beauty industry by empowering individuals and fostering a supportive community.

Gender Equility

We support gender equality by giving equal opportunities to everyone, making sure both women and men have access to resources, training, and career growth. We want to create a fair and inclusive environment where everyone can succeed.  

Reduced Inequalities

We work to reduce inequality by helping marginalized communities and providing programs that support those in need. We believe everyone deserves a chance to succeed, and we aim to remove barriers that hold people back.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

We promote decent work and economic growth by creating good job opportunities in the beauty industry. Our training programs and point of sales systems help salon owners and their staff improve their skills, run their businesses better, and achieve financial stability.

No Poverty

We aim to fight poverty by giving people the tools and knowledge they need to build successful careers in the beauty industry. By supporting new business ventures and teaching financial literacy, we help people move out of poverty and towards a better future.

Quality Education

We believe education is key to personal and professional growth. We provide access to quality education and continuous learning for salon owners, employees, and beauty enthusiasts. Our educational programs help improve skills, encourage innovation, and promote lifelong learning.